Affiliate Budgeting.

“97% of Affiliate Marketers Fail… The Other 3% Have A Budget”

Affiliate marketing has the potential to make anyone a lot of money online. But
that can only happen when you do certain things the right way.

A lot of people come
into affiliate marketing with a mindset that they can quickly make thousands and
thousands of dollars online in just a short amount of time, and while that is possible, it
is not very likely. So if you made thousands and thousands quickly, you shouldn’t be
reading this. As for the rest of us, here we are.

Now that we understand that we aren’t going to make thousands upon
thousands of dollars in a very short time or overnight, we can learn and understand
that we have to have a good base to get us started. A good strong base is the key to
success in everything that we do.

For our base we are going to learn why having a strong budget is going to help
us create more success with our business online. Having and knowing what your
budget is, will eliminate questions as to how much you are investing in your business
and where all of your money is going.

Plus the last thing any of us need is our significant other asking us where the
extra $500 from the checking or savings account. Most of you will understand this and
get a chuckle.
When I started my affiliate business online, I didn’t have a lot of extra cash that I
could use for my business. Just about $100 a month was all that I could afford. The
good part is that you don’t even need that much to get your affiliate business started.

And I will tell you why.
I struggled initially as an affiliate marketer, I jumped on every train to get rich
quick that I could and did anything I could that I thought would make me money
online. I spent and wasted a lot of money trying out figure out how to earn or make a
living online. It took me quite some time to learn that I not only needed a budget so I
was buying every get rich opportunity that I came across, but to start me off with a
strong base and a few strong tools to get me going.

As soon as I started sticking to my budget and using these few select programs,
it became much easier and much faster for me to start seeing results and start earning
an income online as an affiliate marketer.

The best part that shortly after I started using this method, the commissions that
I was earning from these programs, started paying for the programs themselves! I
could then use the extra money that I had to upgrade or purchase other programs that
were becoming vital to my business.
We call this method “stacking”. By stacking your income and pushing it into
other programs, you earn higher percentage levels and more benefits at those
programs. Doing all of this enables you to earn so much more money online while
keeping your out of pocket expenses as low as possible.

Before we get started, let me knock a few myths out of the way, if I haven’t
already done so.
– you absolutely HAVE to spend money to make money. This holds true to nearly
everything we do in life. Those who see the best results spend both time and money
investing in their business
– you have to see your purchases as an investment and not an expense. You
invest in your business. If you don’t take it serious enough to look at these purchases
as investments, then you are probably not going to see the results that you want to
– you have to promote you. This holds true especially in affiliate marketing. All
things considered equal, people will buy from those that they know and trust. Since all
things aren’t equal, people are still going to buy from those that they know and trust.
– results DO vary. Not everyone will make the same amount of money in the
same amount of time.

Some people may not make money at all. I cannot guess
whether or not you will make money as an affiliate marketer. I am here to simply help
you out by giving you a strong base to work from. What you choose to do from here is
up to you.

So, let’s get everything started here with our budget and the tools that we need
to get everything going. Like I had stated before, you are going to need less that $100
a month to start.

The few tools that you need as an affiliate marketer are an autoresponder, a
tracker and a page builder. Other tools that we recommend are hosting and a domain
registrar, methods of getting traffic to your website, and a communication tool.
Now let’s go over each of these tools one by one, so that you may understand why we
need these.
The Autoresponder –
There are a few autoresponders out there to choose from. We recommend using

Why do we need an autoresponder?

Simple, because the money is in the list. That
phrase has been around for years and still holds true today. You need to build a
network or list people that are interested in what you have to say. This way anytime
something happens or you want to recommend a product to them, you can simply
setup and send out an email to all of your subscribers quickly and with little effort.
This allows you to save a ton of time versus trying to contact each person individually.
Using an autoresponder also allows you to effectively communicate with your network
or subscribers.
The trick to using an autoresponder effectively is not to “pitch” a product or service to
your list every chance you get. Build a list or network of people that are interested in
you and the niche you are working in. Sending pitch after pitch after pitch to your
subscribers will only result in them unsubscribing.

The Tracker –
We recommend using as your tracker.
Bottom Line Up Front: You NEED to track your advertising. If you do not track your ads
then you do not and will not know what traffic source is bringing you sign ups and
which ones are wasting your time.
With, you will be able to track everything you can from a single site. It will
track advertising sources, delineated by time frame, it will also show you conversions.
You can also track your banner advertising and they even have a website counter you
can install on your website.

The Page Builder –
There are two types of people when it comes to building their promotional pages.
Those that like to do it themselves and those that prefer to pay someone. If you like to
build them yourself, we recommend adKreator.
You need to have squeeze pages to advertise yourself with. It doesn’t matter where
you advertise, you need a simple page that loads quickly and has no other purpose
except getting someone to give you their email address in return for something.
Those are the three tools that we recommend as necessities for your affiliate business.
The following tools are not necessary to start your affiliate business but are highly
recommended to put you out in front of the competition.

The Domain Registrar –
At some point in your business as an affiliate marketer. You are going to want to create
a website of your own. Whether it be a blog, a membership site, or whatever you may
want to build. You are going to need to registrar your domain name somewhere.
We recommend GoDaddy. They are simply the best, and most used when it comes to
registering your domain online.

Website Hosting –
Once you have registered your domain with GoDaddy, you are going to need to host
your website with a reputable hosting company.
We recommend using LiquidWeb as your hosting provider. LiquidWeb is an
outstanding and reputable hosting provider. They have a ton of options when it comes
to hosting your website.
They even have it so that you can scale the size of the server that you need with just
the click of a button and everything is done automatically for you. With other providers
it can take days and up to weeks just to change the size of your server.

Traffic Sources –
Traffic is the lifeblood of any website and any promotion. You absolutely must have
traffic to your web pages to be able to get sign-ups to your autoresponder and sales
from your affiliate programs.

There are many different ways to get traffic to your website. There are simply too many
ways to get traffic to your website for us to mention them here. The best and easiest
thing for you to do would be to Google something along the lines of “Get Traffic To My
Webpage”. A ton of resources will pop up.

Based on your budget and how much is left
over, you should find some good methods of obtaining traffic.
The key here is to test your traffic resources and continue using any source that gets
you more subscribers. Always search for new sources of traffic and always keep an
open mind because great converting traffic can come from the most obscure places

The Communication Tool –
To be an effective affiliate marketer, you must be able to communicate with people
effectively. You need to be able to converse with like minded marketers, potential
customers, and program owners of which you are looking to be an affiliate.
We recommend Skype as your communication tool. It is completely free to download
and use, but can be such a vital tool when it comes to effective affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Budgeting Summary –
If you cannot tell already, there is a basic flow to all of the programs that are
recommended here at Affiliate Budgeting. You must have an autoresponder, and you
need a squeeze page to put it on. You must track your links and get traffic. Eventually,
if not already, you will want to get your own website and will need a domain and
hosting. And you will always need to communicate.

All of these tools are great tools that are lifetime investment and use tools.

What does that mean to you?

If you refer someone to these tools, chances are, they will use
these programs for a long time, which will give you years of affiliate income.
One person could basically give you an income from multiple sites for years to come.
The key is to communicate with them and help them out as much as possible.

So, let’s do some math here and see what our total budget should be.
Autoresponder – $10-$19 a month starting
Tracker – $9 a month
Page Builder – $12.99 – $19.95 a month
Total Necessary tools: $31.99 – $47.95 a month
Domain Registrar – $12.99 per year
Hosting Provider – $14.95 a month
Traffic Sources – $10 a month
Total Recommended tools: Approx. $26 a month

So all in all, with every program, you are looking at needing a budget of $50-$75 a
month. Not a huge amount of money needed to start your affiliate business off on the
right foot.
The most important part is to actually have a budget.
A few closing tips –
– Give your budget up to six months. You should start seeing results sooner, but
stick with this budget for at least six months before changing it up to much. Unless
your business starts to skyrocket and you need a larger budget for more advertising
that is.
– Become an expert in your niche. No matter what it is that you are selling, you
need to know as much about it as possible. When you are seen as an expert, you tend
to be more respected in regards to the specific thing. That has the probability of
earning you more sales, just because you are the subject matter expert.

– Don’t rush things. From setting up your autoresponder and advertising
campaign to promoting anything and jumping from program to program. You need to
slow down just a bit and make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. You don’t
want to start advertising your pages when you haven’t completely setup your

– The most common problem is that most people do not know what to sell or
where to start. That is perfectly okay and understandable. The easiest thing to do
when people sign up to your autoresponder is to give them a free e-book.

That’s all there is to know. Now you have the budget and the tools to get out there and
destroy the competition, no matter what niche you work in.

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